Finding my Groove

Photo by:  tdreyer1What’s the difference between a groove and a rut? Finding your groove is good, being stuck in a rut is bad. They’re both well worn indentations aren’t they? Both restrict you to a specific track. Both define where you are and, more importantly, where you’re not.

Maybe it’s perspective? When we say we’re stuck in a rut we imply that it’s a negative experience. We are doing something so mundane, boring, or undesired that we feel like we are stuck. When we say we’ve found our groove we seem to imply that we have found a way of doing, being and working that leaves us satisfied and fulfilled. Yet the groove we find by nature restricts us from doing things in other ways and in other places. Hmmmm.

These random thoughts come as a result of feeling like I have finally found my groove with homeschooling, keeping my home, working, writing, teaching and speaking. Well at least so far anyway. This past week or so I feel like I have accomplished a lot and knocked off large chunks off my to-do list. I realized that happened because I finally found a routine that works! And a routine, by nature, is a rut (or groove if you prefer). It’s a way of doing things that is predictable. It enables me to get the work done quickly and efficiently. I don’t waste time thinking about what should be done first. It’s just part of the routine.

So you could say my rut has made it easier for me to enjoy my life because it eliminates wasted time, provides predictability to the mundane and necessary, and creates space for me to do all the other things that make life meaningful. Perhaps my rut, er groove is not something that should have been avoided after all.

3 thoughts on “Finding my Groove

  1. LetmebeRae

    Congrats on finding your groove! I like the description that you came up with to explain the difference between the two. I still have to try to figure out my “groove” when it comes to my full time job, my internship, and grad school. Any tips for juggling tasks?

    1. strongandpure Post author

      Well the only thing I can suggest is figure out what works for you and don’t worry so much about the ‘rules’. No matter what some stuff is just not fun and won’t ever be, but it has to be done. So I try to get it out of the way right away. That way it’s done and over with and you don’t have to think about it any more.
      Another great tip I got from my business coach a while back was set a time limit. For example I had 45 minutes scheduled to work on tidying the kitchen and getting laundry done in the morning. When that 45 minutes was up I moved on knowing whatever wasn’t finished I’d get back to either when I had flex time in my schedule or the next time the kitchen was on my schedule. Felt less guilt about not completing the item and actually accomplished more.
      The BIG one though is to schedule BREAKS! Even 15 minutes to grab a coffee or just not think does wonders! 🙂


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